Comiket 93 – Review

I have no idea why, but the Comiket came so quickly this year I didn’t even realize it, that’s maybe also the reason why this review is being posted so late (sorry…!). Anyway, this year has brought us some really interesting releases, though if were to say, I think I preferred the works published on C92.

1) 凋叶棕 – 祀

It has been 10 years, huh? 2017 seems to be an Akyuu year (look at all the Diao ye zong covers this year lol). This album commemorates the 10th year anniversary of the 1st Diao ye zong album. So far, it’s packed with secrets and ambiguity, but… I still expect there’s more to come. At least, that’s what I hope for.
Favorite tracks: 幻想浪漫綺行(is the limit.), まつりまつられ

2) Feuille-Morte – ワンダリア

And another Comiket with a Feuille-Morte new album! This time, we continue the old story, told in their C92 work. The whole theme of travelling is, for me at least, a great choice, mainly because it connects with almost everyone. RD also finally brought back my beloved Mitsuki! So happy ♥
And, even if you don’t like the musical contents, come on, the illustration itself is probably the best I have ever seen.
Favorite tracks: 自由落下[私の歌], ずっと遠い世界から[二人の歌], [別れの歌/わかれのうた]ワンダリア[出会いの歌]

3) 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME) – あやかし横丁

This time, BUTAOTOME is bringing it!! Their new album gives off the Shoujo Rengoku vibes, I have been waiting for something like that for so long! Very excited about this release. On top of that, FINALLY, the last tracks isn’t a typical sad ballad BUTA has been giving us for the past few events.
We also have a new Nekokenban as well as a compilation of vocal songs used in various rhythm games.
Favorite tracks: 美しい人, 誰にも言えないブルース, ひとかけら

4) FELT – Flying Fantastica

…Unfortunately, not sung by Maika :/
This album proves to me the way you cut the XFD greatly affects the way you perceive the song. When I first heard it, I was listening to the XFD provided by Melonbooks, and I was very “meh” after listening it. And then, I listened to the YouTube one, and went immediately into “TAKE ALL MY MONEY THIS IS A MASTERPIEEECEEE!!!”. It is a very solid release, absolutely recommend it (the lyrics for the title track so far seem to be rather interesting).
Favorite tracks: Time and again, Unknown Road, our song

5) 発熱巫女〜ず – VAMPIRE KISS

I am trying very hard to not impulse buy this album… Hope I won’t fail.
A good news to the older Hatsunetsu fans – Chen-U is back! I am happy, but on the other hand I really loved EL.J… I hope we will get to hear her again ;;


Seems it’s going to be the last only [insert vocalist] ZYTOKINE album, it’s a shame, because I really enjoyed them!
I don’t have that much to say about their regular album, partially because I still cannot seem to get into the HSiFS hype.
Favorite tracks: LEVEL ONE, WASTELAND’S ANTHEM, Debris
Favorite tracks: Crazy Crazy Crazy, AN IDOLIZED LOVE, alter ego

7) 魂音泉 – LIVES

Again, TAMAONSEN would rather talk about themselves than the actual characters ahah.
Favorite tracks: Game is Over, WAVY KP, Hands

8) 四面楚歌 – そして一人だけになった
Crossfade 1/2

This album is a compilation of all Diao ye zongxShimensoka tracks. I hope it doesn’t mark the end of their collaborations.
Favorite tracks: イニシエイション, 恋[necrofantasia], Star Dreamers

9) Liz Triangle – Triangle
resize_image (1)

Bye bye, LizTora. We are all grateful for what you did for the Touhou Doujin music community. You will not be forgotten. Thank you all.
White lotus was actually the first LizTora track I have heard. It’s definetly nice to see it rearranged so beautifully.
Favorite tracks: さよならバイバイ、また明日, With Triangle, White Lotus…オーケストラver

10) 暁Records – Metamorphosis/コマノエール -全力貢献中!!

To be honest, I am a bit disappointed with the two new Akatsuki albums. Mostly because HSiFS is not really my thing.
Favorite tracks: Metamorphosis, トランスダンスアナーキー, ここにいますから
Favorite tracks: CALL MY ALL, 花言の葉, DARK NEXT-監視の扉-

11) 死際サテライト – DEAD WEIGHT/DEAD END

Another last album. It has been a wonderful journey, together with them. Shinigiwa Satellite was one of the 1st circle I listened to and I still love them to this day. It’s so sad that the end has come so early, but let’s hope there is much more to come.
Goodbye, Shinigiwa, you will be missed greatly.
Favorite tracks: 追憶ディザスター, 仏滅ヴァイオレット, 静寂ラストダンス

12) ナイフ – code
Full song

Quite weirdly, Wani decided to release the full version of the song. I think I like this single a bit more than the rest of Knife’s works. I would like to see a full album come out though.

13) AdamKadmon – マジック

Nothing much to say about this. AdamKadmon becomes more and more… predictable with theri arrangments.
Favorite tracks: Diamond silhouette ~ダイヤモンドシルエット~, hope




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