Comiket 92 – Review

The time has come! If I were to give a name to this edition of Comic Market, it would be a… Diao ye zong event! Why, you ask? Read till the end, and you shall find out!

If you want to refresh your memory, here is my review post from a year ago, regarding Comiket 90.

I’m sorry for this short review, I’m going to update it tomorrow because today I’m way too tired to think of anything so see you tomorrow!!

1) 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong) – 音

There is… a lot to say about this album. The main theme is “Forgetting”, so the album will deal with the forgotten stories of the girls, also Marisa commits suicide. RD really plays with the title and its meaning, if you’re able to find it, you might find something very… though provoking, I’d say.
Favorite tracks: curse upon me!, emergence, 嘔吐、又。

2) FELT – Rising Nebula

Not as good as the previous album, still JOURNEY delivers the standard FELT quality. I believe it has a great potential and might sound better in the final release. We can also see that AO went in a completely different direction choosing the palette for the album cover, this time focusing on dark colors and bright orange. Also, finally we get a LoLK arrangement (Pure Furies when ;;)
Favorite tracks: JOURNEY,  Ethereal,  IN THE RAIN (BYPT Deep Drop Remix)


FINALLY, we get a strong BUTA album!! As much as I hate to say it, previous album really sucked, C91 album was… okay, but I got bored of it rather quickly – this time, I think BUTA will create something more “lasting”, ahah. It might not be the best BUTA can do (which is Shoujo Rengoku series ww), but definitely something to await! if I had one complaint, it would be about the cover art. I understanding where Paprika was going with it, but, it doesn’t get me completely.
Favorite tracks: イニシエ, 滴る汁, 生育つ青空

4) Feuille-Morte – タビノウタ

An EP album from the original circle of RD-Sounds! The first track really grew on me, and since it’s RD, I’m absolutely sure the rest of the CD won’t disappoint me! I really like the theme they went for.
Favorite track: であいのうた

5) ZYTOKINE – 50/50

I see what you did, Linjin, merging two albums into one so even if you don’t like remixes/the new Cd, you have to pay for both!! Not like it affects me, because I like both discs! The design of the album’s logo is very smart, I love it ♥
Favorite tracks (disc 1): hARUKA kANATA, signal lost, DOWN DOWN DOWN
Favorite tracks (disc 2):  JUST ON TIME, Changeability, Asterope

Crossfade (both albums)

I absolutely love the direction TAMAONSEN took, both the compilation albums as well as the new keep their usual level, they’re both on my to-buy list ♥
…ROMO-CHAAAAAAAN!! (this killed me lol)
Favorite tracks: Q feat. Romonosov? (Piano “Mono-chrome” Ver), SAKURA Days feat. Ginryu, モノクロームレインボー feat. ytr
Favorite tracks: firesway (feat. RainyBlue), Someday In Summer (feat. ytr, Romonosov?), こんな最低で最高な夜は (feat. 抹, らっぷびと)

7) Yonder Voice – 星月トラジコメディー

Another wonderful surprise at this Comiket! While YV RTS14 album was… mediocre, their Hifuu album shines brightly! But on the othre hand, how can an album conataining an arrangment of Last occultism be bad? Haha, I enjoy YV albums also because of the wonderful illustrations that come in their booklets. They must be learning from the best, aren’t they?
Favorite tracks: さよならさよなら, S to R, 玻璃の揺籠 -yoo Version-

8) 発熱巫女〜ず – INNER VOICES

2 EL.J tracks =  successful album. Only thing I don’t like about it is the number of the songs :/ Honestly, 1000 JPY for a 5 song album? Tim Vegas, I expected more from you! ON the pother hand, the lacking number of tracks is compensated with the high song quality ♥
Favorite tracks: VAGRANT feat. EL.J (2017 reinterpretation), 聲ナキ詩

9) AdamKadmon – ミラージュ

A… fine album. It’s definitely better than their last one, but it’s still not the same quality as Moon… I don’t know if AK will ever come back to their Moon style arranges, I do hope they will. This album also introduces a new vocalist. her voice strongly reminds me of other doujin vocalist’s voice, but I cannot put my finger on who…
Favorite tracks: 月夜絵x刹華, Lunar Control ~Name is J~ , 桜、儚く、美しく…

10) ナイフ – Story

If you didn’t know yet, Wani created a mini circle that mostly creates original arrangements centered around Hifuu club. The song is decent, nothing special. I miss Sally btw…

11) Pizuya’s Cell – スタンドアローン/Liquid&Splash

Hifuu albums AGAIN. I don’t really feel like saying much about them, I’m waiting for something fresh.
Favorite tracks: NOiSE -ノイズ-,  Stay by my side, Return to the day
Favorite tracks: 月面トキメキツアー, F.A.S.S., The Journey of 53 minutes

12) Alstroemeria Records – POP | CULTURE 6/Nachtansicht


Woo, finally a P|C album!! I think I missed them! There’s also a Pure Furies arrange by Nhato. Nachtansicht contains nachi-only tracks.

13) Various doujinshi!

Hanada Hyou is releasing another artbook, this time filled with illustrations from motome to utsutsu! Shimensoka is selling 2 new books; one of them will have an extra track arranged by RD together with vocals by Meramipop. Harshen releases another Diao ye zong based book, this time with only one story about “Die Lorelei”.


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