Kouroumu 12 – Review

Wouldn’t think I’ll be doing that, but yeah.

1) 暁Records (Akatsuki Records) – No Way -Gravity-

For some unknown reason I haven’t included Akatsuki in my C90 review post. Well, can’t help that right now, I won’t change it because it’s kind of meaningless to do it now.
This album features only 3 tracks, but all of them are really top notch, Akatsuki Records is really improving! I suppose a few of those tracks will be featured in their C91 album, so i am not going to buy this single.
Favorite tracks: 浮珠形ノ運命線 ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red, ROCK’N’ROLL☆FLYING REDHEAD


Wow, I genuinely didn’t expect that coming! A great surprise and an instant buy. I won’t feature my favorite tracks, since it’s only a instrumental version of tracks from THNQ.

3) Diabolic Phantasma – Abaddon’s 5th Chord

First full album of Diabolic Phantasma! (I wonder if the title “Puckish Visions” is a reference to a certain popular Spring 2016 anime…)
Favorite tracks: Abaddon’s 5th Chord, I Kill You., Daydream In the Dead of Night

4) 豚乙女 – 猫の安眠DISC

(…zzz..zzz…) ♥
Favorite tracks: 歪~Y~, パノラマガール, 遥か遠い空の声

5) A.M.A – Endless Magus Night

Another compilation album by A.M.A. This time it’s not only metal, we have various genres (I have absolutely no idea how to name them though, if anyone smart wants to tell me what they are it will be much appreciated). Oh, and all arranges here are based off Marisa’s theme “Magus Night”
Favorite tracks: Mari Gold, Burn the Dubious, Burn them All (ver.Elegant), MagicalSexualTraumaticSpell


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