Requests opened!

Hello everyone! The translation requests for JP songs are open! I decided to improve and update the page so it’s more comprehensible and quicker to read!

When a song exceeds what I perceive to be the limits of my competence, I will not accept it. That happens very, very rarely though, so do not be afraid to ask away!

I might also not accept your request is: extremely NSFW (it’s hard to specify what that would be, since I have never even received such a request)
based on a series I have no idea about (like image songs of characters from anime/games/etc, or anime op/ed).

Please make sure that there are lyrics available for the song you want me to translate! I do not transcribe songs by ear! If you can’t find the lyrics, please let me know, I will try to search for them, but if they are nowhere to be found, sadly I will have to decline your request.

You can only have one request in the queue, this means that only when I finish translating your request you can have another one.

If you’re a Touhou wiki editor and you’re willing to add my translations to the wiki I will prioritize your requests (that doesn’t apply if you only add the song YOU requested though)

Lastly, this is a list of circles I will not accept free requests from (you can commission me them if you really wish to):

And that is all! If you have a non-standard request (for example, a full album translation), please DM me on twitter or email me at nazohato* (* is @ of course)

I am looking forward to your requests!

Status info:
Pending – Searching/waiting for lyrics
Accepted – Lyrics found
Started – Translation process has begun
Completed – Translation is posted

Requester Song Date/Status
Zenryaku AbsoRute Zero – Lonely Jack 29.12 / Started
HappinessOverwhelming 凋叶棕 – イニシャルイニシャルエコーエゴー 07.12 / Accepted
Harley Silver Forest – 7 days a week 15.12 / Accepted
Unlocked 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ – MagusNight 15.12 / Accepted

20 thoughts on “Requests

    • Nazohato 16/12/2018 / 20:02

      Hello! That PV has actually been translated already, if you really want me to re-translate it though, I can do that


      • Lilly 17/12/2018 / 05:43

        Oh, really? But I can’t find it anywhere… could you show me, please? If this PV is already translated, I don’t see much sense to bother you with re-translating it :c


    • Nazohato 30/12/2018 / 23:20

      Sorry for the late response! Yes of course


  1. HappinessOverwhelming 08/01/2019 / 01:11

    Hey, can you translate Initial Echo Ego by Diao Ye Zong?
    The lyrics are in a comment on this video.


    • Nazohato 08/01/2019 / 01:12

      Yes! I have been planning to translate it myself but now I have more motivation haha


      • HappinessOverwhelming 08/01/2019 / 01:29

        thx! i’m looking forward to it!

        Liked by 1 person

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