Requests opened!

As I promised once, the requests will finally be available to everyone! …more or less, because they are opening on certain terms, stated below:

1. Song must be on my level – if you give me some ancient Japanese or something very mythology based – that is automatically out, because I do not have the skills necessary to translate that properly

2. Song must be from a circle I do not dislike – sorry Shitbayan fans!
This also applies to circles like TUMENECO, GITR, Shinra-Bansho etc., not because I dislike them, but because I do not listen to them at all, so I don’t know if there’s a connection between any of the tracks or not and I don’t want to risk

3. Song should be preferably a Touhou arrangement/original

4. I do not translate songs based on series I do not know!

5. I do not translate extremely NSFW songs – this mostly applies to a VERY explicit gore and sexual content. I can translate NSFW songs, I will probably put a disclaimer on them though.

6. You can request maximum 1 song at one time. To put it simpler – you can have maximum 1 translation in the queue

7. People adding my translations to Touhou Wiki will get their requests prioritized! Of course I am not promising any specific period of time, since it will depend highly on how hard to translate the lyrics are.

In short – the points written above are the criteria the song you submitted will go through. If you’re requesting a song that isn’t available online, I’d like you to send me the file. In case your requests is declined, the reason why will be stated in the response.

Please provide me all the necessary information to the song together with lyrics and in max. one day I will give you an answer on whether I am taking this song or not. I reserve myself the right to take as long as I need to finish my work. I also reserve myself the right to add more points in the future.

You can leave the requests wherever you wish, but I will be the fastest to respond on my Twitter, and you’ll also get the notification when I accept/decline and translate your request.

I am looking forward to your requests!

Status info:
Pending – Searching/waiting for lyrics
Accepted – Lyrics found
Started – Translation process has begun
Completed – Translation is posted

Requester Song Date/Status
cold kiss とある夏の夜 – Nyarons 16.10 / Started
rena Elfin Love – R-note 16.10 / Accepted
JD Evil Line – Coaltar of the Deepers 16.10 / Accepted
lila ナナイロノスタルジー – White Elephant 16.10 / Accepted
むすめ – 関取花 16.10 / Accepted

9 thoughts on “Requests

  1. rena 09/08/2018 / 18:51

    Hi, I know the requests are closed, but I want to make sure mine will be at the top to when you will reopen the request. It says that it will be soon reopen. I really apriciate your hard work. If I knew Japanese I would have done it myself all I have is google translate – The lyrics aren’t make sense with it.
    Any way Would you translate this song “Elfin Love” of 藤宮 ゆき from R-note former Yellow Zebra. I have the lyrics:

    If you have problame entering the URL I put the lyrics also here:
    君の照らす朝には 声探して駆けだした
    邪魔する音は 全部凍らせたって
    自由に飛べる羽さえ うざったくなって仕舞ってる
    あれほど好きだった 空だったのに

    忘れたふりをして 覚えてたフレーズ
    輝き触れる度 冷めた世界変わってくよ

    雪のように君に降り積もり 水となって消えた
    その雫が落ちる前に ちゃんと伝えたくて

    難解な教科書や クラシックの音楽も
    名作と言う 映画·小説だって
    ちゃんと理解している だけど何か足りなくて
    君のだったら 満たされるのに

    知らないフリ だけど心はフリーズ
    その声触れる度 恋するだけのバカになるよ

    「好き」と言えず 氷のように 水となって消えた
    君の言う化学反応を ずっと待ち続けて

    効かないフリをして 溶けていくフレイム
    夢から目覚めたら 同じ朝があって欲しいよ

    雪のように君に降り積もり 水となって消えた
    その雫が落ちる前に ちゃんと伝えたくて
    「好き」と言えず 氷のように 水となって消えた
    君の知る化学反応を ずっと待ち続けて

    Sorry if it’s too much trouble.
    Thank you. 🙂


    • Nazohato 17/10/2018 / 00:36

      Well, if the songs already translated I’m not gonna translate it once again, sorry!


      • Doki 17/10/2018 / 00:38

        I meant “translate” as in uploading a vid with subs. But like I said in the other comment, someone already did that too. (Bah, I wish I could delete/edit these comments)


      • Nazohato 17/10/2018 / 00:38

        Not taking that kind of requests!


    • Doki 17/10/2018 / 00:36

      Oh, sorry. That one is already translated, I never bothered to look it up…


  2. Petalite Yuu 17/10/2018 / 14:10

    Could I request “Stupid Lecture” from TAMAONSEN’s Moon please? Thanks in advance!


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