On hiatus.

Hello everyone! The translation requests for JP songs are open! I decided to improve and update the page so it’s more comprehensible and quicker to read!

When a song exceeds what I perceive to be the limits of my competence, I will not accept it. That happens very, very rarely though, so do not be afraid to ask away!

I might also not accept your request is: extremely NSFW (it’s hard to specify what that would be, since I have never even received such a request)
based on a series I have no idea about (like image songs of characters from anime/games/etc, or anime op/ed).

Please make sure that there are lyrics available for the song you want me to translate! I do not transcribe songs by ear! If you can’t find the lyrics, please let me know, I will try to search for them, but if they are nowhere to be found, sadly I will have to decline your request.

You can only have one request in the queue, this means that only when I finish translating your request you can have another one.

If you’re a Touhou wiki editor and you’re willing to add my translations to the wiki I will prioritize your requests (that doesn’t apply if you only add the song YOU requested though)

Lastly, this is a list of circles I will not accept free requests from (you can commission me them if you really wish to):

And that is all! If you have a non-standard request (for example, a full album translation), please DM me on twitter or email me at nazohato* (* is @ of course)

I am looking forward to your requests!

Status info:
Pending – Searching/waiting for lyrics
Accepted – Lyrics found
Started – Translation process has begun
Completed – Translation is posted

Requester Song Date/Status
Cinqui 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ – リバースイデオロギー 06.04 / Started
kendotlibero 天狗ノ舞 – 妄執のエレジ 10.04 / Accepted
Juce Guildez T.Piacere – Eternal Knowledge 15.04 / Accepted
Repudiator Pizuya’s Cell – 奇怪の少女は同じ夢を見ない 27.04 / Accepted
Red Dawnbringer FELT – you 29.04 / Completed
Beatrice Suffrutic Requiem – suffruti 02.05 / Accepted
Rantos 暁Records – 天地上乗有頂天 03.05 / Accepted

18 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Repudiator 27/04/2019 / 14:48

    Hi again, got another Pizuya song to be translated…though instead of being just purely Okina, this time it’s some sealing club stuff from the upcoming album to be released at R16. It’s been uploaded like the others with the lyrics on the video itself; so everything should be fine. It seems community translations are also allowed for these string of uploads, so you could also try to submit the translation on the video itself through the ‘add translation’ function when you’re done; though it doesn’t really matter that much in the end I guess.

    I’m kinda hoping the lyrics might put a little perspective on the meanings behind the art the video uses, since that is mostly what had drawn me to this song in particular. Thanks in advance as always.


    • Nazohato 27/04/2019 / 14:50

      Of course! Since RTS16 is coming it might take a while for me to get to it though


  2. Red Dawnbringer 29/04/2019 / 04:45

    Hi! I’ve noticed recently that you’ve been translating some of FELT’s songs really quickly! So I was wondering, if you weren’t already planning to do that for their RTS16 album “Illstarred Dive,” would you mind if I requested either of the new Japanese songs on the album, “Ribbon” and “you”? Obviously, the album isn’t out yet, so I don’t have the lyrics for you yet, but I can try to get them to you as soon as possible after RTS if that works!

    Hope you’re having a good day!


    • Nazohato 29/04/2019 / 10:13

      Sure! I was going to translate Ribbon anyways. And don’t worry about the lyrics, I’ll have them 😉


      • Red Dawnbringer 29/04/2019 / 15:12

        Awesome! Thank you very much! In that case, would you mind if I requested “you” as well? If you’d prefer not to, that would be fine, but I figured I may as well ask!


      • Nazohato 29/04/2019 / 19:51

        Yes, of course, that’s why I said I’m gonna do Ribbon anyway, so it doesn’t count as a request 😄


      • Red Dawnbringer 01/05/2019 / 02:43

        Oh, sorry! I misunderstood what you meant lol~ Thank you very much!


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