Uncertainy // しおのめ

The 1st songs from the album. Probably my favorite one as well.
Sadly, Shionome doesn’t seem to work on anything new since 2015, so it is very likely that Kaleidoscope is the first, as well as the last album of hers.

Title: Uncertainy
Circle: しおのめ
Album: 万華鏡 (Kaleidoscope)

雨が降る 師走の候
かける音 見失わないように
‘haroo, eburiwan
go-kigen ikaga desu?’
ame ga furu shiwasu no kou
kakeru oto miushinawanai you ni

“Hello, everyone
How are you?”
December rain pours down
So that I won’t forget its sound

「さようなら」 またどこか
「お元気で」 背を向く
日が沈む 夜は明ける
繰り返す ただ前を行く
‘sayounara’ mata doko ka
‘o-genki de’ se wo muku
hi ga shizumu yoru wa akeru
kurikaesu tada mae wo iku

I hear “goodbye” somewhere
“Take care” – I hear behind my back
The day turns into the night
Over and over, but I just walk straight ahead

yume de wa sora ni mau tori wo sa, nagameteru
asahi wo se ni jiyuu ni mau
soko kara no keshiki wa doudai

I stare at the bird soaring in the sky, just like if it’s a dream
Taking the rising sun at its back, it flies around freely
I wonder how the scenery form there looks like



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