White Crow // Alstroemeria Records

Woo! Thanks to BackBurner12 for giving me the scans!
Gotta say Camellia’s voice sounds pretty good, he should definitely sing more, maybe instead of sending those English tweets (ppl following him understand)

Title: White Crow
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: POP | CULTURE 7

今は錆びている鋼の刃も いつかは白銀を取り戻す
逆さまの海 溺れても また新しい光が
ima wa sabite iru hagane no ha mo itsuka wa hakugin wo torimodosu
sakasama no umi oborete mo mata atarashii hikari ga
hoshi ga soko ni wa yadoru

Even a rusted steel blade’s silver coat will come back one day
Even when drowning in the sea of reversal, a new light
Dwells in the stars above

makkuro no kyanbasu ni
sono te de shiroku egaite
ochite shimatta hana wo
mata sakasete

I paint white with my hands
On a pitch black canvas
Making scattered flowers
Bloom again!

I’m cold lava flow
I’m dark sunlight glow
I’m flammable snow
I’m a rusty white Crow

時を刻み終えた時計の 二つの針静かに動かしたら
逆さまの空 その底に また新しい世界が
toki wo kizamioeta tokei no futatsu no hari shizuka ni ugokashitara
sakasama no umi sono soko ni mata atarashii sekai ga
nami ga hageshiku uneru

Silently moving the clock’s hands, that stopped ticking, again
On the bottom of the sea of reversal, the waves
Of the new world are violently winding

masshiro no yamiyo wo
tojita me de misuete
ame afuresou na umi
hane de kaite

I focus my closed eyes
On the pure white dark night
I scratch with my feathers
The sea overflown with rain!

I’m cold lava flow
I’m dark sunlight glow
I’m flammable snow
I’m a rusty white Crow


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