Perish in Polarity // CLOCKWORKS TRACER

This song is absolutely W O N D E R F U L.

Title: Perish in Polarity
Album: Perish in Polaritia

Set me free from that calling
Deviation captures and perishes all of my heart
Inflamed clouds keep on wandering
Deadly sin separated each color of us

黒の固めた道を外れ 強く惹きつける光へと
白に染まった空を見上げ 遠く手放した日々を想う
kuro no katameta michi wo hazure tsuyoku hikitsukeru hikari he to
shiro ni somatta sora wo miage tooku tebanashita hibi wo omou

I left the black-strengthened road and went towards the captivating light
I looked up white-stained sky and thought about the days in which our hands parted

yagate kitaru wa danzai no otozure
kaketagaeta sadame wa kawaranai shuumaku egaite

Before long, the awaited judgment comes!
The fate I crossed paths with paints the unchagable demise of mine inside my head

さざめく雨音 響く無情の果て
aseyuku kioku wo kirisakiinoru
sazameku ame oto hibiku mujou no hate

Fading memories rip through prayers
Sound of the falling rain reverbs, till the ends of ruthlessness

That day you said your wish was to weave our never ending story
To my sorrow, ‘my dream’ is like Down Under
This mortal dance could never be stopped by anyone
Even by myself, even though by ourselves

Still I was born to perish in polarity
Faith, love, hope all will be nothing

いつしか空は赤く染まり 白は宵闇に消えゆく
抗う決意を嘲笑うように 黄昏がこの身を包む
itsushika sora wa akaku somari shiro wa yoiyami ni kieyuku
aragau ketsui wo warau you ni tasogare ga kono mi wo tsutsumu

Before anyone noticed, the sky turned red. Whiteness faded into the dusk
In order to sneer at going against the resolution, I’ll melt into the twilight


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