Solitary wizard (Re-birth) // THOUSAND LEAVES

Requested by Cris (BDS)

Title: Solitary wizard (Re-birth)
Album: Odious Moonlight

Follow me! War, there is inside of me.
It’s enough sad scene anymore.
Powers grow! Cause of far beyond the sun.
Searching for… angered you.

Feel it now!
Cover of inside tearing
with her backward what it burned.
Forgive you!
Will i wish ignore.
You are death of watching worn wings
Power is mine

They don’t betray me.
アグニシャイン この手で焼き尽くす
この命ある限り 存在意義を唱える
agunishain kono te de yakitsukusu
kono inochi aru kagiri sonzai igi wo tonaeru

May the Agni Shine burn in my hands
Till your life reaches its limits; chant the meaning of your existence!


Agni Radiance

Come over!
Defeat them.
The solitude is this dream with my revenge

ラーヴァクロムレク 全てを焼き尽くす
この力ある限り 存在意義を知らしめる
raava kuromureku subete wo yakitsukusu
kono chikara aru kagiri sonzai igi wo shirashimeru

May the Lava Cromlech burn everything down
Till your strength reaches its limit; let everyone know the meaning of your existence!

That give me wizard to integrate.




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